Blueberry Guava Ice Cream Recipe


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Blue Berry Guava ice cream is a sweet frozen treat that can be your snack anytime especially for your munchkin. Guava has a beautiful tropical aroma and taste. But the delicious blue berries have a sharp and unique sweet taste. When this duo is combined, one gets excited and addicted to lick the ice cream again and again.

You can fall in love and want to ask for more. It gives a sense of freshness to your taste buds but in such quality there is one bad thing is that it melts right away. So you have to finish it before you haven't fully enjoyed it.


  • To prepare guava ice cream, you just need to skip the blueberry puree and follow the instructions below for the ice cream. You just need to sprinkle the berries on top of the guava ice cream to get the dull sweetness of the blueberries.
  • This Berry Ice Cream is one of the easiest ice cream recipes. Thick coconut milk and heavy cream make the texture of the ice cream soft. You can use fresh blueberries instead of frozen, you just need to adjust the amount of sugar.

Cooking time

  • Preparation time: 11 Hours
  • Ready in : 11 Hours
  • Result: 4


  • 1.5 cups guava, mashed thick
  • 1 cup coconut milk, thick
  • 1 cup cream, fresh
  • 1 handful of blue berries, frog
  • sugar to taste
  • pinch of salt


  • Clean and peel the guava. Cut it into small pieces and mix with a little water to form a puree. Use a sieve to separate the seeds.
  • In a blender add the frozen berries along with a little water to form a smooth thick puree. Stay aside. If you just want to prepare the guava ice cream, don't use the blueberries and follow the instructions without the berries.
  • Beat cream in a hand blender until stiff or thick. Combine the berry puree, coconut milk, guava puree, sugar, salt and beat until combined. Pour the mixture into the whipped cream and beat to combine the mixture evenly, about 1 minute.
  • In a freezer-safe container pour the prepared mixture and close the wrapper or airtight lid. Place the container in the freezer and let the mixture freeze for 2 hours. After 2 hours remove the container from the freezer and beat with a hand mixer or blender to break up the ice crystals. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 times until the ice cream is quite thick and creamy.
  • Pour back into an airtight container and allow the ice cream to freeze until solid. Remove the container from the freezer, remove the lid and place the ice cream in a bowl or cone. Serve and enjoy the delicacy!


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